Essentials of the Platonic Tradition – an introduction to the philosophy of Plato as a spiritual path
Jan 16 @ 8:15 pm – 9:45 pm


The Prometheus Trust is running a 10 week course at Kilburn/West Hampstead starting in January 2020 aimed at introducing the essentials of the philosophy of the Platonic tradition. Plato and his successors in the ancient world saw their philosophy as a spiritual path, and that while all human souls are immortal, the most direct way of becoming truly conscious of this immortality was through the life-long cultivation initiatory philosophy. These 10 sessions will cover metaphysics and theology, psychology, virtue and ethics, and Platonic approaches to enlightenment.

The aim is to present an outline of the elements of the Platonic tradition, to show something of its breadth and depth, and to make an initial exploration of the methods by which each participant’s interior resources can be brought into play in the search for philosophical truths and beauties. “But it is necessary that one who is sedulously employed in the acquisition of knowledge, who is anxious to acquire the wisdom of truth, and who employs their most vigorous exertions in this one pursuit; it is perfectly necessary that such a one,touching on the truth, should be endued with wisdom about immortal and divine concerns; and should participate of immortality, as far as human nature permits, without leaving any part of it behind.” (Plato, the Timaeus)

Each class will use extracts from the writings of the Platonic tradition but will especially rely upon the experience of philosophic discussion within the group. For this reason there will be a maximum of 7 students, and a commitment to attend all the sessions if at all possible is requested for the maximum benefit of each student.

There is no charge for the teaching but a donation of £30 (for the whole course) is requested to help defray the Trust’s expenses. This is payable before the beginning of the course, is non-refundable, and we would ask that you complete a gift aid form to enable us to reclaim tax (if you are a UK taxpayer). If you cannot afford this donation, please contact the Treasurer – full details on the Prometheus Trust website: www.prometheustrust.co.uk on the “Essentials Course” page (or from [email protected])

DATES: Every Thursday (8.15 to 9,45pm) 16th January to March 19th

Please email [email protected] in order to book a place.

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