Plotinus on Beauty 2nd of 2 evening sessions

June 3, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Cecil Sharp House
2 Regents Park Road
Tim Addey
01594 726296

Plotinus, one of the sages of the Platonic tradition wrote two treatises that explored Beauty (Ennead I, 6 – On Beauty & Ennead V, 8 – On the Intelligible Beauty). This is the second of two evenings (20th May and 3rd June – we will begin this second one with a summary of the main points of the first one) where we plan to look at passages from these treatises, and explore some of Plotinus’ questions and themes – What is Beauty? What is the relation of beauty to virtue? How are we to participate in it? How does beauty manifest at different levels? The god-like contemplation of the inner Beauty of the Intelligible world.

No previous experience of formal philosophy is required.

Entrance in free, but donations between £3-5 will be welcomed.


A PDF download of the extract we will be reading is available on our website together with further details of this and other Prometheus Trust’s activities: (the PDF is on the “London Monday Evenings” page.)

“No eye ever saw the sun without becoming sun-like, nor can a soul see beauty without becoming beautiful.”