“A President for Dark Times: the Age of Reason Meets the Age of Trump” ¦ Tanner Lecture 2019 @ Milner Hall, Rhodes House
May 2 @ 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm

The Lecture will analyse the phenomenon of Donald Trump’s presidency against the backdrop and contrast of the European Enlightenment’s influence on the Founders of the United States. It will also explain why his stark antithesis to Enlightenment values was a winning strategy in the 2016 presidential election and how it resonates with a shift from liberalism to populism, nativism, and authoritarianism. Finally, the lecture will examine political forces in the U.S. that are opposing Trump as he ramps up his campaign for a second term.

Populism in the Age of Brexit @ Wolfson College
May 13 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Populism in the Age of Brexit @ Wolfson College

The conflictual politics of Brexit – characterized by entrenched divisions between Leavers and Remainers – can be traced back to long-standing and more recent features of the British constitution that encourage discord over dialogue; tribal loyalty rather than broad consensus.

This is the case both of the traditional system of ‘strong’ party government through parliamentary executive, and of the recent turn to binary-choice plebiscites – in referendums on Scottish independence and membership of the European Union. This kind of divisiveness has also contributed to the turn to populism – to claims by those with very particular agendas to represent ‘the People’ as a whole, with no allowance made to the views of those others, often castigated as ‘elites’, who do not share their particular agenda.

Given the state of the British constitution today, and of the political culture which it has helped to produce, how do we face up to the problems posed by the growth of populism?

Professor Neil Walker is Regius Professor of Public Law and the Law of Nature and Nations at the University of Edinburgh. His main area of expertise is constitutional theory, and he has published extensively on the constitutional dimension of legal order at substate, state, supranational, and international levels. In December 2008, Professor Walker was asked by the Scottish Government to conduct an independent review to assess the potential impact of the UK Supreme Court on the Scottish legal system.

5th Annual Oxford Business & Poverty Conference @ Sheldonian Theatre
May 29 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
5th Annual Oxford Business & Poverty Conference @ Sheldonian Theatre

The 5th Annual Oxford Business and Poverty Conference will feature a diverse range of speakers addressing the Paradoxes of Prosperity. Sign up here:
Hosted at the Sheldonian Theatre, the conference will feature keynotes by:
Lant Pritchett: RISE Research Director at the Blavatnik School of Government, former Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development
Efosa Ojomo: Global Prosperity Lead and Senior Researcher at the Clayton Christensen Institute
John Hoffmire: Director of Center on Business and Poverty and Research Associate at Kellogg Colleges at Center For Mutual and Employee-owned Business at Oxford University
Ananth Pai: Executive Director, Bharath Beedi Works Pvt. Ltd. and Director, Bharath Auto Cars Pvt
Laurel Stanfield: Assistant Professor of Marketing at Bentley College in Massachusetts
Grace Cheng: Greater China’s Country Manager for Russell Reynolds Associates
Madhusudan Jagadish: 2016 Graduate MBA, Said Business School, University of Oxford
Tentative Schedule:
2:15-2:20 Welcome
2:20-2:50 Efosa Ojomo, co-author of The Prosperity Paradox, sets the stage for the need for innovation in development
2:50-3:20 John Hoffmire, Ananth Pai and Mudhusudan Jagadish explain how the Prosperity Paradox can be used in India as a model to create good jobs for poor women
3:20-3:40 Break
3:40-4:10 Laurel Steinfeld speaks to issues of gender, development and business – addressing paradoxes related to prosperity
4:10-4:40 Grace Cheng, speaks about the history of China’s use of disruptive innovations to develop its economy
4:40-5:15 Break
5:15-6 Lant Pritchett talks on Pushing Past Poverty: Paths to Prosperity
6:30-8 Dinner at the Rhodes House – Purchase tickets after signing up for the conference
Sponsors include: Russell Reynolds, Employee Ownership Foundation, Ananth Pai Foundation and others