Philosophy in the Bookshop – Nigel Warburton & AC Grayling

August 31, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Blackwell's Bookshop
48-51 Broad Street
Alex Pearson
01865 333 623

We are pleased to announce a very special Philosophy in the Bookshop to celebrate the release of a new comprehensive look at the history of Philosophy in one volume. Nigel Warburton will be in conversation with A C Grayling to discuss the release of his new book.

AC Grayling’s aim in THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY is to give a clear and comprehensive account of the great adventure of philosophy, mainly in the Western tradition but with overviews of the rich Indian, Chinese and Arabic-Persian traditions also. Philosophy is the fountainhead of ideas that drive history and shape our world; it is the progenitor of the natural and social sciences, it is the tradition of questioning and scepticism which has challenged dogma and resisted the desire of all forms of absolutism to stop enquiry and stifle thought. The story of philosophy is the story of most of the greatest minds in the world from classical antiquity to the present, and of the unending quest for an understanding of reality, truth and value.

This event takes place on the last Saturday of August (Bank Holiday Weekend) in a change from our usual regular date. The talk is free to attend but likely to be extremely popular. We recommend that registration be made to ensure that your place is secure and that you arrive early if you’d like a seat (as registration alone doesn’t guarantee this) The talk will take place in the Philosophy department of the Norrington Room which has limited access for wheelchair users. Please contact the store for further clarification.